PlotX : Defi Prediction Markets


PlotX is a non-custodial Defi prediction market protocol on the Ethereum Blockchain. PlotX allows people to use their skills to predict the future value of digital assets like ETH, BTC on hourly, daily, weekly or any other time window.

Problems with Traditional Prediction Markets
Traditional centralized prediction markets often suffer from 3 challenges: counterparty risk, high cost and inability to showcase provably fair settlements.

PlotX Key Value Proposition

The following components are necessary for a DeFi Prediction Protocol:
1. Market Creation
2. Market Positions Pricing
3. Positions Buying
4. Positions Trading
5. Market Settlement
6. Market Reward Claims
7. Governance

How to predict using Plotx (currently live on Kovan Testnet)
1. You need Kovan testnet eth. (you can join Plotx Discord and insert your eth address in the Keth-faucet channel like this ‘@Receive Keth and your eth address’) . You will automatically receive 0.5 KETH tokens
2. Open Metamask and change your network to: KOVAN TEST NETWORK.
3. Go to: and click on Get Started For Free.
4. Scroll down and make your prediction by clicking on predict.
6. You can select the timeframe
7. Insert the amount you want to predict (with KETH tokens – for free)
8. Confirm the transaction on Metamask
9. You can now see your position under MyAccount.

For eg
Plotx Tutorial

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PROXI DEFI – A collaboration of IOST and TRON

DeFi stands for “decentralized finance” and refers to the ecosystem comprised of financial applications that are being developed on top of blockchain systems.

Below image shows the amount of USD currently locked in Defi
Defi assets

PROXI DEFI is DEFI 2.0 , a one-stop-shop platform for second-generation interoperable, DeFi platform serving the burgeoning multi-billion space and supporting cross-chain derivative issuance, credit lending, trading, and asset management.
Proxi defi

Proxi offers Cross Blockchain Interoperability. The IOST cross-chain transfer bridge will be applied to link DeFi projects and users from other public chains such as

and many more

Proxi Core

Incentives of PROXI Network

$CREDIT will be the utility token and $PROXI will be the governance token.
$CREDIT acts as the medium of payment and gas fees or commissions in the process of on-chain transaction, lending,issuance,trading.
Yield Farming Based on $CREDIT
$CREDIT will be the main collateral locked in a staking contract, enabling the issuance of synthetic assets on PROXI platform. Value for CREDIT token holders will increase as demand for multi-collateral would grow and transfer volumes increase with the massive adoption of PROXI originated synthetic assets.

Proxi Ecosystem

PROXI is also officially collaborating with Tron and Justswap in co-building DeFi Ecology.

proxi roadmap

Proxi Whitelist Tokensale was completed in 1.3 seconds.
It has a strong presence in Chinese & Korean community
$CREDIT Token Auction will be held on Mesa platform on August 19th at 12:00 UTC Time .

Official Channels:
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Oneledger Review

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A Universal Blockchain Protocol Enabling Cross-ledger Access through Business Modularization


OneLedger enables you to focus building your business application through OneLedger modularization tools, which will communicate with OneLedger protocol using its API gateway. This mechanism will make your business application interact with different public and private blockchains synchronously through corresponding side chains implemented in OneLedger platform.


OneLedger defines a three-layer consensus protocol to enable more effective integration of different blockchain applications.

  • Side-Chains: Side-chain is essentially а scalable “off-chain” solution from the main chain that offloads the consensus to the corresponding OneLedger side-chain which inherits all of the properties of the OneLedger protocol. Тhe side-chain can be permissioned(private) or permissionless(public). The user can implement the Smart Identity System to search for identities with a particular trust rating for infrastructure services, node operations and/or assign particular identities to maintain the side-chain. This side-chain can be synchronized with any public distributed ledger that supports hashed-time lock contracts(HTLC). Advantages of “off-chain” technology is: thousands of transactions per second, no need of any confirmation; very low commissions, which will also allow micro-payments; instant payments, as you will not have to wait for the miners to confirm.
  • Business Modularization: Businesses will be able to create specific modules for their needs (via user-friendly API system). This way businesses would easily access the OneLedger consensus protocol allowing their off-chain data to first interact with the OneLedger Blockchain, but also- connect and interact with all other Blockchains available on the platform. This way, businesses will preserve their internal access controls and specifications without suffering from any separations from the existing technologies.
  • Smart Identity: User will be able to manage an identity across multiple distributed networks. This is done by assigning a master key pair (private and public) to an identity. OneLedger also allows one identity to assign a trust value to another identity, thus creating a “web of trust” combined with PKI.
  • Chain Code Servive (dAPPs migration): OneLedger is developing SDKs to ease the process of porting and deploying smart contracts across multiple platforms. The end result is launching a dAPP on multiple platforms without the need to learn or write in different languages (Solidity, C++ etc).


one ledger

Highlights of Oneledger

  1. Business Modularization
  2. Protocol-based Blockchain Communication
  3. High-performance Transaction
  4. Multi-chain Runtime Support


  • Great idea and solution for key blockchain problems
  • Low hard cap
  • Positive sentiment in the crypto world despite it’s a new project


  • The project is still at a very early development stage. First version of OneLedger comes out in 2019


  • Token supply: 1 billion OLT
  • Softcap: 4 million USD
  • Hardcap: 15 million USD
  • Seed round: 1 million USD, vesting period of 6 months with monthly cliffs for the bonus, implemented in smart contracts
  • Private presale I: 6 million USD
  • Private presale II: 3 million USD
  • Public sale: 5 million USD
  • Community reserve: locked for a minimum of 6 months in smart contracts, and followed by 1 to 2+ years vesting schedule for the long-term benefit of the community.
  • Team reserve: vesting period of 24 months with quarterly cliffs implemented in smart contracts
  • Advisors reserve: vesting period of 12 months with monthly cliffs implemented in smart contracts
  • Company reserve: locked for the first 6 months and followed by a vesting period of 18 months with monthly cliffs implemented in smart contracts.
  • Marketing and long-term partners: vesting period of 3 to 6 months for marketing reserve. A minimum of 6 months lock-up period followed with a 1 to 2+ years vesting period target for long-term partners. All vesting and lock-up periods implemented in smart contracts.


White paper link:
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Seele – The Blockchain 4.0

Seele claims to be newest upgrade in blockchain infrastructure – Blockchain 4.0

Lets see, how Seele justifies its claims .
For that we need to understand what are the previous versions of blockchain and what new Seele is offering us

Blockchain 1.0 = Bitcoin = Distributed Ledger
Blockchain 2.0 = Ethereum = Distributed Ledger + Smart Contracts
Blockchain 3.0 = EOS,Dfinity,Cosmos = Above + High thruput Transactions + CrossChain + Advanced governence consensus + Financial business integrations
Blockchain 4.0 = Seele = Above+ 1 Million TPS + Heterogenous Forest + Neural consensus algorithm


Heterogenous Forest Network

Heterogeneous forest network consists of different subnets, each subnet can be seen as a hierarchical partition tree, the top of the tree chain is a global service chain, called “Meta chain”, which provides global configuration and scheduling service.


Neural Consensus Algorithm

The algorithm uses the position of coordinates on a virtual axis as the basis of the block ordering so that the block ordering no longer depends on the consensus of the pre-block and completely out of the performance bottleneck that the existing consistent protocol cannot be parallelized


Value Transport Protocol

Seele proposes the Value Transport Protocol (VTP) based on the heterogeneous forest network architecture. The agreement covers the uniform identification of the assets on the chain and the routing strategy for asset discovery. It is a full set of transport protocol for the blockchain value network.

Quick Value Internet Connection

QVIC conducted targeted optimization. Not only retains the fast and efficient features of the UDP protocol, but also provides the integrity of TCP data transmission.


  1. Social platform like steemit
  2. Games on blockchain
  3. Internet of Things.
  4. Other enterprise applications like cross chain application

Seele Token

  1. Rewards participated nodes with tokens (Currency issuance similar to POS,dPOS )
  2. Charges transaction fees, in order to prevent Sybil attacks, and to reward consensus node
  3. Governance mechanism

Seele Roadmap

seele roadmap

Important links

Seele Github –

Bitcointalk :


This project promises a lot of technological breakthrough in blockchain industry, however, their claims are not supported by any significant prototype like beta. Team is pretty solid in theory but we have yet to see them develop something groundbreaking in crypto industry. Nonetheless Seele is a revolutionary idea and will have major impact when its realised completely. Such high impact projects which contribute significantly to blockchain should be embraced by everyone.

Tomocoin Review

Tomocoin will be a token on Tomochain which is building an efficient blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications, token issuance and integration.

Tomocoin proof of care code [last six digits of eth addr] = 947Aa8

TomoChain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem with the Ethereum blockchain in particular and with all current blockchain network in general.

Tomo application will be the first consumer application utilizing TomoChainblockchain infrastructure.

TomoCoin will gain a fundamental value by being the native crypto-currency.

Tomochain Consists of

  • Proof of Authority consensus based on Ethereum codebase
  • Masternode and servicenode system
  • 2 second confirmation and zero transaction fee for transactions
  • Support all Ethereum smart contracts
  • API supports for token issuances and integrations
  • Zero-fee atomic cross-chain transactions
  • Sending transaction within TomoChain with zero fee and fast confirmation
  • Mining, cashing in and cashing out features based on smart contracts
  • Node protection against spamming algorithm
  • Built-in exchange protocol and ICO smart-contract templates
  • Decentralized governance application

Tomo Wallet

  • Will allow users to safely store TomoCoin, Ethereum, and other coins and tokens on Ethereum or TomoChain.
  • Users will be able to safely send TomoCoin, messages and other coins and tokens to friends and contacts.
  • APIs for 3th party bots and applications


Tomoapp is a social network with a native cryptocurrency. TomoApp uses Microservice architecture to be flexible and extendable. At the storage layer,TomoApp uses several type of databases to satisfy requirements from specific functionalities.

Proof of Authority

TomoChain opts to use PoA and build nodes in multiple locations to make sure the database in a highly secure, immutable state. In the future, other organizations wants to utilize this architecture can join to be a partner and and operator of TomoChain.

Tomocoin Architecture

Uses of TomoCoin [TMC]

On Tomo App,  you can use TMC:

  • Set a price for your extended answer to your fans
  • Set a price for watching your contents
  • Boost a video
  • Create a channel and charge a fee to access your channel
  • Give virtual gifts to live streamers
  • Reward engine integration
  • A digital avatar and masks marketplace
  • A private messaging system for secure communication

Some Important links

  1. Tomoapp = Web,Android,iOS =
  2. Testnet =
  3. Wallet Demo =
  4. Tomocoin Website =

Conclusion : Tomocoin is an unique project which is looking to solve a key problem of scalability in the crypto space. It is led by Long Vuong which is also the project lead of another reputable crypto NEM. Tokensale is capped at a modest 8.5M USD . It already has a working app, testnet and demo wallet which shows significant progress done by the team before going forth with their token sale. So far Tomocoin checks all the boxes of a successful project. Roadmap specifies clear goals set by the development team.