CrowdFunding : Banana Fund Review

What is Banana Fund
Banana Fund is a crowd funding and trading platform, where users back projects in return for a stake in those individual businesses.
Banana Fund is a platform where users can submit ideas to create a business. The crowd funds those ideas. Banana Fund builds & runs every idea on behalf of both the entrepreneur and the crowd backers. We do all the work, per your instructions!

Banana Fund Owner
Owner is Richard Matthew John O’Neil. He is quite well known for creating innovative and highly successful projects. His previous projects include MyTrafficValue and Paidverts both extremely successful projects until he sold them and decided to move ahead with Banana Fund

How does Banana Fund work?
1. Start a Project : You can divide up to 97% of the equity in your business, between yourself & your crowd backers. Banana Fund only keeps 3% stake in your project. Costs you nothing, start your own business, even employ yourself, just for writing down an idea.
2. Backup / Trade Project : Help fund a new project, in return for a stake in that business. Buy/Sell your positions on our marketplace at any time, or hold for frequent dividends once the project starts operating at a profit.
3. Sponsor Project : Pay the project listing fees (start at $1 per week, until the project is funded). In return you’ll be gifted a 1% stake in the project.
4. Brainstorm New Projects : Interacting, Suggesting new ideas, Upvoting of your suggested ideas,posting in forum will all add to ‘collaboration score’ . Qualifying score gets 1% or more stake in that project
5. Referral commissions : Earn 10% from the purchases of tokens by your direct referrals. Earn 10% of the trading fees paid by your referrals and additional 0.5% of every cashout they make.

How to get Tokens/Shares?
Tokens are equivalent form of shares. You can buy tokens in any business sponsored by Banana Fund

You can get tokens by the following ways listed below
Initial Token Offering : An Initial Token Offering is when we sell a stake in the project, in order to fund it’s construction / development. So if you decide to fund the project, you get a stake in that project in the form of tokens
Trading in Marketplace : You can buy and sell tokens when the marketplace opens.
Sponsoring a Project : You pay the listing fees and in return get tokens of that project
Brainstorming : Help a new project with your ideas and suggestions and in return get tokens of that project

Make Money with Banana Fund
1. Trading tokens – Buy and Sell tokens in the marketplace
2. Starting your own project/Sponsoring someone else’s project/Helping with ideas,etc
3. Referring people
4. Liquidating your tokens to cash

Conclusion :
Banana Fund is genuine crowd funding company headed by a very talented owner with good past experiences in this field. However, it takes time to set up a good business project from scratch and build it to success, so don’t expect quick returns in this. You will have to be patient and keep yourself updated with the latest upcoming projects in Banana Fund. Owner Richard Matthew John O’Neil is very determined to make Banana Fund a multi million dollar company and this isn’t his first rhodeo either. It is good for members looking for a stable long term source of residual income.

Incentives on Joining my Team : You receive 50% RCB Lifelong plus support and updates on the best way to manage your Banana Fund account.


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