Experty ICO Review

Experty – Calls Powered by Cryptocurrencies

Experty is a blockchain-based calling platform that allows two or more parties to connect via video or audio call. Within the application, a knowledge provider can set their rate per minute, which is paid by the knowledge seeker when they call. This exchange is settled seamlessly through the Blockchain using an Ethereum smart contract coupled with off-chain software. Experty adds value to the consulting industry through simplifying the exchange of knowledge for currency.

Features of Experty


  1. WebRTC Protocol
  2. Fully Decentralized Call Links
  3. Instant Payments
  4. Cross Platform Calling Application
  5. Availability Schedule
  6. Ethereum Wallet

Use Cases

The most likely use cases for Experty will occur for professionals who are well known or casual users with a niche following. Professional users may include lawyers, medical providers, programmers, professors, business advisors, etc.; and casual users may include bloggers or YouTubers, celebrities and influencers, webcam models, and charitable causes.

Reason to Use Blockchain

  1. Payment Settlement
  2. Legal Simplification
  3. Instant Payments
  4. Third Party Service Transparency

On-Chain and Off-Chain Processes On-chain Operations Contract Processes:

  • ◊ Start call ◊ Locks caller withdrawals ◊ Locks caller calls
  • ◊ End call ◊ Verifies signed confirmation ◊ Settles payment ◊ Unlocks caller
  • ◊ Deposit ◊ Stores funds on the OC in order to be used for further calls or to be withdrawn later
  • ◊ Withdraw: ◊ Delayed by 10 blocks ◊ Allows for withdrawing funds from contract by address holder
  • ◊ Lock check: ◊ After initializing a call, which is confirmed on-chain through the OC, the recipient needs to check if the called is locked on the current call to prevent abuse and misuse.

Off-chain Processes:

◊ Call_conditions: ◊ Rate ◊ Call identification ◊ Start timestamp ◊ Addresses

◊ Confirmation: ◊ Rate ◊ Call identification ◊ Start timestamp◊ Confirmation timestamp ◊ Addresses

◊ Signing ◊ The caller signs both call_conditions and conformations with his or her private key. The OC and recipient verify if the data is valid. Once the signed confirmation is received, the recipient starts the call and the caller’s funds are locked.



Experty is an exciting project team developed by a professional bunch of nerds and supported by star advisors. It solves a key problem existing with the current devices.
With growing adoption of cryptocurrency, projects like Experty will soon become a utility for everyone.

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