MyPayingCryptoAds Review

Mypayingcryptoads residual income guide

MyPayingCryptoAds Review Introduction

MyPayingCryptoAds is a Bitcoin Only Revshare which is owned by Uday Nara. Uday Nara also owns MyPayingAds which has been running successfully since 2015. MaypayingCryptoAds was launched on 10th November 2016. This MyPayingCryptoAds review will help you decide your strategy.
MyPayingCryptoAds offers advertising products such Banner Ads, Login Ads, Text Ads, Traffic exchange Ads and Cashlink Ads. These products can be used to promote your business

MyPayingCryptoAds PayPlan

Mypayingcryptoads review residual income guide

MyPayingCryptoAds Revenue Sharing Payplan

Members should purchase Adpacks and surf 10 ads daily to be a part of the revenue sharing daily. Revenue is shared every hour with maximum of 2% daily cap. All Adpacks will mature after reaching 120% of their value.

MyPayingCryptoAds Earnings Pool & Sustainability Model

There are 2 earnings pool in MPCA
1. Every member is place in Earnings Pool 1st on the purchase of Adpacks. When a member has done twice the withdrawal of purchase then he is shifted to Earnings Pool 2.
2. Earnings Pool 2 gives 50% less profits than the daily revenue sharing.
3. If a member has done withdrawal of thrice the amount of purchase then all adpacks will be removed from his account and he will have to build his account again.
Such features provide long term to the life of a program

MyPayingCryptoAds Membership

The number of active adpacks that you can have depends on your active membership. For example,
As a free member, you can purchase only in Ad-Pack Plan 1 and can have active adpacks upto 100.
Explorer membership (costing 0.02 BTC/month), can purchase in Ad-Pack Plan 1 and Ad-Pack Plan 2 and can have active adpacks of upto 100.
Professional membership (costing 0.05 BTC/month), can purchase in Ad-Pack Plan 1, Ad-Pack Plan 2 and Ad-Pack Plan 3 and can have active adpacks of upto 100.
Elite membership (costing 0.10 BTC/month), can purchase in any of the adpack plan(s) and can have active adpacks upto 1000.

MyPayingCryptoAds Withdrawal

Withdrawal requests are allowed every day at MyPayingCryptoAds.
Minimum amount to withdraw is 0.01 BTC
Maximum amount to withdraw is 1 BTC per day from adpack rewards/earnings and can withdraw unlimited amount from referral commissions (To be eligible for unlimited withdrawals of the commissions, the members must have purchases at least 10 adpacks from ad-pack plan 1).
Only one withdrawal request is allowed per day per member.

MyPayingCryptoAds Review Conclusion :

MyPayingCryptoAds is a reliable choice for amongst existing Revshares just for the fact that it is owner by Uday Nara who is an extremely professional man. It offers a good choice of advertisement credits and also offers profit sharing. MPCA payplan has been built for long term. It should be the primary choice for Bitcoin bag holders. BTC prices always tend to go up in the coming months and years. Here in MPCA you are paid in terms of BTC value. So if you came in with 1 BTC [@750$ value] and in the next 60 days BTC prices raise to [$1000] you will get paid 1.2 BTC [value $1200]. So you made a profit $250 by holding BTC and extra $200 by participating in MPCA.

Mypayingcryptoads residual income guide

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