PlotX : Defi Prediction Markets

PlotX is a non-custodial Defi prediction market protocol on the Ethereum Blockchain. PlotX allows people to use their skills to predict the future value of digital assets like ETH, BTC on hourly, daily, weekly or any other time window.

Problems with Traditional Prediction Markets
Traditional centralized prediction markets often suffer from 3 challenges: counterparty risk, high cost and inability to showcase provably fair settlements.

PlotX Key Value Proposition

The following components are necessary for a DeFi Prediction Protocol:
1. Market Creation
2. Market Positions Pricing
3. Positions Buying
4. Positions Trading
5. Market Settlement
6. Market Reward Claims
7. Governance

How to predict using Plotx (currently live on Kovan Testnet)
1. You need Kovan testnet eth. (you can join Plotx Discord and insert your eth address in the Keth-faucet channel like this ‘@Receive Keth and your eth address’) . You will automatically receive 0.5 KETH tokens
2. Open Metamask and change your network to: KOVAN TEST NETWORK.
3. Go to: and click on Get Started For Free.
4. Scroll down and make your prediction by clicking on predict.
6. You can select the timeframe
7. Insert the amount you want to predict (with KETH tokens – for free)
8. Confirm the transaction on Metamask
9. You can now see your position under MyAccount.

For eg
Plotx Tutorial

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