PROXI DEFI – A collaboration of IOST and TRON

DeFi stands for “decentralized finance” and refers to the ecosystem comprised of financial applications that are being developed on top of blockchain systems.

Below image shows the amount of USD currently locked in Defi
Defi assets

PROXI DEFI is DEFI 2.0 , a one-stop-shop platform for second-generation interoperable, DeFi platform serving the burgeoning multi-billion space and supporting cross-chain derivative issuance, credit lending, trading, and asset management.
Proxi defi

Proxi offers Cross Blockchain Interoperability. The IOST cross-chain transfer bridge will be applied to link DeFi projects and users from other public chains such as

and many more

Proxi Core

Incentives of PROXI Network

$CREDIT will be the utility token and $PROXI will be the governance token.
$CREDIT acts as the medium of payment and gas fees or commissions in the process of on-chain transaction, lending,issuance,trading.
Yield Farming Based on $CREDIT
$CREDIT will be the main collateral locked in a staking contract, enabling the issuance of synthetic assets on PROXI platform. Value for CREDIT token holders will increase as demand for multi-collateral would grow and transfer volumes increase with the massive adoption of PROXI originated synthetic assets.

Proxi Ecosystem

PROXI is also officially collaborating with Tron and Justswap in co-building DeFi Ecology.

proxi roadmap

Proxi Whitelist Tokensale was completed in 1.3 seconds.
It has a strong presence in Chinese & Korean community
$CREDIT Token Auction will be held on Mesa platform on August 19th at 12:00 UTC Time .

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