Tomocoin Review

Tomocoin will be a token on Tomochain which is building an efficient blockchain infrastructure for decentralized applications, token issuance and integration.

Tomocoin proof of care code [last six digits of eth addr] = 947Aa8

TomoChain is an innovative solution to the scalability problem with the Ethereum blockchain in particular and with all current blockchain network in general.

Tomo application will be the first consumer application utilizing TomoChainblockchain infrastructure.

TomoCoin will gain a fundamental value by being the native crypto-currency.

Tomochain Consists of

  • Proof of Authority consensus based on Ethereum codebase
  • Masternode and servicenode system
  • 2 second confirmation and zero transaction fee for transactions
  • Support all Ethereum smart contracts
  • API supports for token issuances and integrations
  • Zero-fee atomic cross-chain transactions
  • Sending transaction within TomoChain with zero fee and fast confirmation
  • Mining, cashing in and cashing out features based on smart contracts
  • Node protection against spamming algorithm
  • Built-in exchange protocol and ICO smart-contract templates
  • Decentralized governance application

Tomo Wallet

  • Will allow users to safely store TomoCoin, Ethereum, and other coins and tokens on Ethereum or TomoChain.
  • Users will be able to safely send TomoCoin, messages and other coins and tokens to friends and contacts.
  • APIs for 3th party bots and applications


Tomoapp is a social network with a native cryptocurrency. TomoApp uses Microservice architecture to be flexible and extendable. At the storage layer,TomoApp uses several type of databases to satisfy requirements from specific functionalities.

Proof of Authority

TomoChain opts to use PoA and build nodes in multiple locations to make sure the database in a highly secure, immutable state. In the future, other organizations wants to utilize this architecture can join to be a partner and and operator of TomoChain.

Tomocoin Architecture

Uses of TomoCoin [TMC]

On Tomo App,  you can use TMC:

  • Set a price for your extended answer to your fans
  • Set a price for watching your contents
  • Boost a video
  • Create a channel and charge a fee to access your channel
  • Give virtual gifts to live streamers
  • Reward engine integration
  • A digital avatar and masks marketplace
  • A private messaging system for secure communication

Some Important links

  1. Tomoapp = Web,Android,iOS =
  2. Testnet =
  3. Wallet Demo =
  4. Tomocoin Website =

Conclusion : Tomocoin is an unique project which is looking to solve a key problem of scalability in the crypto space. It is led by Long Vuong which is also the project lead of another reputable crypto NEM. Tokensale is capped at a modest 8.5M USD . It already has a working app, testnet and demo wallet which shows significant progress done by the team before going forth with their token sale. So far Tomocoin checks all the boxes of a successful project. Roadmap specifies clear goals set by the development team.

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