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Residual Income Guide is an independent , Non – paid blogger. All articles listed by us are merely our opinions based on the due diligence carried. Residual Income Guide strives to guide you to a successful future and build your portfolio of multiple passive income streams.

A little bit of info on my online journey…

I am the owner of Residual Income Guide. I have been in online money making niche since 2011. I didn’t start with thousands or hundreds of dollars. I started with $0 and have worked my way up. It has been a long journey. I have learned several tricks and trades while working my way up the ladder. Niches which I have tried Paid to Click, Paid per download, Cost Per Action, Revenue Sharing Programs (passive investment opportunities) , some basic coding in Visual Basic, Blogging, Video Making, Cryptocurrency Mining & Forex Trading. Now I am making a decent income from various opportunities which I have listed on my blog.
I will try to guide the readers of my blog to build their portfolios of multiple streams of passive residual income.
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Admin of Residual Income Guide