Mecoin Review

MeCoin Introduction

Mecoin is a cryptocurrency trading company that will be doing live trades on Crypto Trading platforms like Poloniex. Members can purchase investment packages and get paid with the profits generated by Mecoin trading platform on a daily basis. It is currently in beta launch since 17th April 2017.



juan carlos olaya Juan Carlos Olaya is the CEO of Mecoin. He has over 10 years of experience online. His personal website [spanish language] Use google chrome to translate it.

Compensation plan

3 ways to earn from Mecoin to benefit both passive investors and active recruiters who want to market Mecoin.

1. Daily Profit Earnings
mecoin payplan

5% profit paid daily for 30 days
Members can buy multiple packages
48 hrs time period after 30 days to renew your package and maintain your position in binary
Minimum withdrawal amount – 0.055 BTC
Minimum Investment amount – 0.105 BTC

2. Infinite Binary Network Bonus

Qualification Criteria for Binary
a) Need 2 Direct referrals (one on the left and one on the right)
b) Investment Centre Repurchase must be up to date

Pays to Infinity Depth
Bonus binary rewards sent daily to your BTC wallet
Bonus calculated as 10% sales volume of weaker leg on initial purchases
Bonus calculated as 5% sales volume of weaker leg every time package is renewed

mecoin binary explanation

Daily Payout limit from Binary earnings are as shown below in table
Mecoin binary daily cap


Qualification Criteria for Matrix Bonus
a) You need 2 direct members with the same or higher Investment package as you
b) Investment Centre Repurchase must be up to date

If you own all Investment Centers you can qualify with 2 directs at any level i.e they can be at the lowest level eg 0.10 BTC and you still qualify to earn at all levels
You must own the respective Investment Center in order to receive rewards eg. In order to receive bonus rewards on 0.10, 0.3, 0.5 etc IC you must also own those IC

Mecoin matrix payout

mecoin matrix explanation

Upcoming Future Plans 

1. Mecoin App : It will give live trading signals
2. Mecoin BTC wallet
3. 3 other planned streams of income

How to Start with Mecoin.

1. Sign up using  Mecoin 
2. Choose any investment centre you want to purchase
3. Pay using your bitcoin wallet [copy and paste the address and the amount to avoid mistakes]
4. Wait for the transaction to confirm and you will receive email after your investment package/centre is activated

Input your BTC wallet address in profile.
1. Go to your profile in Mecoin
2. Enter your BTC wallet address for payments
3. Enter your current password and click update
4. Click the activation link in email and your address is updated

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