Seele – The Blockchain 4.0

Seele claims to be newest upgrade in blockchain infrastructure – Blockchain 4.0

Lets see, how Seele justifies its claims .
For that we need to understand what are the previous versions of blockchain and what new Seele is offering us

Blockchain 1.0 = Bitcoin = Distributed Ledger
Blockchain 2.0 = Ethereum = Distributed Ledger + Smart Contracts
Blockchain 3.0 = EOS,Dfinity,Cosmos = Above + High thruput Transactions + CrossChain + Advanced governence consensus + Financial business integrations
Blockchain 4.0 = Seele = Above+ 1 Million TPS + Heterogenous Forest + Neural consensus algorithm


Heterogenous Forest Network

Heterogeneous forest network consists of different subnets, each subnet can be seen as a hierarchical partition tree, the top of the tree chain is a global service chain, called “Meta chain”, which provides global configuration and scheduling service.


Neural Consensus Algorithm

The algorithm uses the position of coordinates on a virtual axis as the basis of the block ordering so that the block ordering no longer depends on the consensus of the pre-block and completely out of the performance bottleneck that the existing consistent protocol cannot be parallelized


Value Transport Protocol

Seele proposes the Value Transport Protocol (VTP) based on the heterogeneous forest network architecture. The agreement covers the uniform identification of the assets on the chain and the routing strategy for asset discovery. It is a full set of transport protocol for the blockchain value network.

Quick Value Internet Connection

QVIC conducted targeted optimization. Not only retains the fast and efficient features of the UDP protocol, but also provides the integrity of TCP data transmission.


  1. Social platform like steemit
  2. Games on blockchain
  3. Internet of Things.
  4. Other enterprise applications like cross chain application

Seele Token

  1. Rewards participated nodes with tokens (Currency issuance similar to POS,dPOS )
  2. Charges transaction fees, in order to prevent Sybil attacks, and to reward consensus node
  3. Governance mechanism

Seele Roadmap

seele roadmap

Important links

Seele Github –

Bitcointalk :


This project promises a lot of technological breakthrough in blockchain industry, however, their claims are not supported by any significant prototype like beta. Team is pretty solid in theory but we have yet to see them develop something groundbreaking in crypto industry. Nonetheless Seele is a revolutionary idea and will have major impact when its realised completely. Such high impact projects which contribute significantly to blockchain should be embraced by everyone.

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