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TheAdsTeam Academy is an educational platform with a unique compensation plan that rewards you for selling educational products and for sponsoring other members who do the same. IheAdsteam Academy is another product by TheAdsTeam Revshare owners Najab Ul Hasan and Muhammad Azam. It serves as an external source of income for TheAdsTeam revshare.

Why Buy TheAdsTeam Academy?

TheAdsTeam Revshare is 53000+ Members strong and members have already been earning passive income. TheAdsTeam Academy provides an opportunity to members to increase their knowledge and earnings potential both at the same time. With TheAdsTeam Academy you can earn while learning. You don’t have to be a member of the revshare. Academy is a seperate branch of TheAdsTeam. It doesn’t matter whether you are a blogger, have an ecommerce site or just do passive programs. Academy has something for everyone to gain.
After all thats the ultimate goal of Residual Income Guide, to build multiple passive streams of income for its readers.

Benefits of TheAdsTeam Academy products

TheAdsTeam Academy is targeted towards online entrepreneurs,ranging from beginners to experienced. Everyone will get something useful here. It covers the A-Z basics which are essential for everyone to succeed online.
1 What Online Marketing is?
2 How to create passive Income?
3 Blogging
4 Sales Funnels
5 Email Marketing
6 Social Media Marketing
7 Affiliate Marketing
8 Traffic Generation
9 List Building
10 E-commerce
11 Branding Yourself & Many More Topics

4 Levels of TheAdsTeam Academy

It is divided into 4 levels according to your requirements. You can either start at the introductory level for just $20 or opt for the advanced level for $1020. The courses offered will increase with the level of the product.

theadsteam academy level 1 residual income guide

Level 1 : Introduction to Online Marketing : Price $20
Courses Offered – E-BOOKS
1. Introduction to Online Marketing
2. How to create Passive Income
theadsteam academy level 2 residual income guide

Level 2 : Beginner : Price $100
Courses Offered – VIDEO SERIES
1. A-Z of Online Marketing
2. Introduction to Social Media Marketing
3. Introduction to Affiliate Marketing
4. Freelancing


theadsteam academy level 3 residual income guide


Level 3 : Intermediate : Price $300
Courses Offered – VIDEO SERIES
1. Traffic Generation
2. SEO
3. Advanced Social Media Marketing
4. Traffic Exchange



Level 4 : Advanced : Price $600
Courses Offered – VIDEO SERIES + Live Webinars
1. Advanced Affiliate Marketing
2. List Building
3. E-Commerce
4. Info Product Creations
5. Website Sales letters
6. Selling Services Online
7. Access to our Expert’s Live Webinars

Make Money With TheAdsTeam Academy

TheAdsTeam Academy offers a very simple, yet powerful compensation with huge earnings potential.

3 Types of Bonuses
There will be 4 different Network tress based on your level of TAT Academy product purchase

1. Sponsor Bonus : 25% (20% after 12th March 2017)
You make 25% of all direct sale . There is no limit on the number of people you can introduce directly.
You make 50% Matching Bonus of your Direct referral’s Sponsor Bonus.If your referral earns $500 in Sponsor bonus, then you will get 50% of $500 i.e. $250.
Theadsteam academy network tree residual income guide
4 Different Network Trees, 1 for each Levels
• Everyone will have 3 Front-lines in Network Tree
• Make 5% on all sales happening in your 9 Levels
• No Qualifications

Short Overview of TheAdsTeam Academy Compensation PayPlan

TheAdsTeam Academy Residual Income Guide

Earnings Potential

Lets Discuss it according to the Bonuses available
1. Sponsor Bonus : The Earnings Potential is unlimited as you can earn Sponsor Bonuses unlimited number of times since you have unlimited number of Direct Referrals.
2. Matching Bonus : The Earnings Potential is unlimited as you can earn Matching Bonuses unlimited number of times since your Direct referrals can refer unlimited number of referrals and each time they refer, you make 50% Matching Bonus on their purchase
3. Position Bonus : You can have 4 Different Network Trees if you buy all 4 levels of TheAdsTeam Academy

TheAdsTeam Academy Residual Income Guide












Total Potential earnings from Network Trees:
Cost : $20+ $100 + $300 + $600 = $1020
Earnings: $29,523 + $147,615 + $442,845 + $885,690 = $1.5 Million+

Payment Processors Accepted : Payza, Bitcoin, Payeer, Perfect Money, Visa and Mastercard coming soon


TheAdsTeam Academy is an excellent choice for entrepreneurs as it gives in-depth training of how to succeed in marketing. You can apply the knowledge in building your business and brand online. Ranging from $20 to $600, it offers something for everyone. You can start your way from $20 and then upgrade ahead as you learn and earn more. Alternatively, you can buy all 4 levels and go full steam ahead. Currently such marketing courses offered by other companies either have low grade educational products or don’t have a compensation plan attached to it. Here you get to interact with the owners and have live webinars training sessions with successful marketers online.

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