TheAdsTeam Review

TheAdsTeam Introduction:

TheAdsTeam is a revenue sharing advertising global opportunity registered in Ireland. TheAdsTeam delivers real targeted advertisements worldwide while at the same time giving you an opportunity to begin earning by simply participating in our traffic exchange and revenue share services. Hopefully TheAdsTeam review listed below will help you clear your doubts about the company.

Who is the Owner of TheAdsTeam?

TheAdsTeam started its prelaunch on October 1st 2016 and it had ~1000 members within the 1st 24 hours on its Prelaunch. TheAdsTeam was slated for launch on 15th October 2016 and managed to reach 8000 members within the 15 days of prelaunch. The reason behind such a huge launch was the admin panel comprising of Muhammad Azam, Najab Ul Hassan both UK based successful internet marketers.


What does TheAdsTeam offer?

TheAdsTeam offers a unique opportunity to advertise your business as well as earn from the revenue which is generated from those advertisements
It offers a variety of advertisement products ranging from banner ads,text ads,login ads, ppc ads, ptc ads, traffic exchange and Adpacks. They promise to deliver quality targeted traffic to your business and help you establish your brand globally backed by a dedicated support team. You can purchase these services using payment gateways like Payza,Solidtrustpay,Coinpayment [bitcoins],Payeer and Perfect money.

What is TheAdsTeam Revenue Sharing Payplan?

$10 Adpack = 2.5% daily earnings cap
$25 Adpack = 2.25% daily earnings cap
$50 Adpack = 2% daily earnings cap

What are the commissions for the TheAdsTeam affiliates?

TheAdsTeam offers a generous incentive and promotes team building with a 5 level deep commission payplan totalling 13%.

Commissions Structure
1st level  = 8%
2nd level = 2%
3rd level = 1%
4th level = 1%
5th level = 1%

On top of that, TheAdsTeam also offers a Leadership Pool Bonus for those who qualify the criteria.
Leadership bonuses will be paid by the 8% commissions generated in the admin account.

What are the External Sources of Income?

Besides excellent Administrative staff, TheAdsTeam has collaborated and become affiliate partners with the major leading brands like,Etihad Airways, Digicel, Uswitch, Olympus, Skyscanner,,, Adidas, Westmusic, Godaddy,, Beachbody, Moneygram and many more coming. All the revenue generated from these affiliate partnership will serve as an external source of income.

TheAdsTeam Shopping has already been launched where users can shop for variety of things under one roof and avail the cheapest prices online.

TheAdsTeam Academy has plans for launching their own line of digital products around month of February which will also serve the purpose of external source of income necessary for the sustainability of a revenue sharing business. We have done a detailed review on TheAdsTeam Academy as well.


When do we get paid by TheAdsTeam?
TheAdsTeam pays you every hour on your advertisement packages. One has to surf just 10 ads per day to qualify for the revenue sharing. You can withdraw your earnings every day with a minimum limit set to $10 and maximum limit of $300. 
The best strategy to make money with theadsteam is to aim for the gold membership and buy or repurchase atleast 200x $50 ad packs so you are able to withdraw $100-$300 per day.

TheAdsTeam Review Conclusion :

TheAdsTeam serves to be an excellent choice if you are looking to advertise your business and earn some income from your advertisement purchase at the same time. Its built with a vision to become a billion dollar company with ground breaking affliate programme and digital marketing products by leading industry specialists. You can’t go wrong by choosing to be a part of the revolution named “TheAdsTeam.”


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