WeLikeFund Review

WeLikeFund Introduction
WeLikeFund is brand new advertising revenue share owned by Thierry Le Bras. It is one of the first revshares to be launched in 2017 on January 17th.
Thierry Le Bras is a frenchman currently residing in Newyork,USA. He is quite experienced in the network marketing and has been a prominent member of multiple systems in the past. WeLikeFund gets support from french and polish promoters as well.

WeLikeFund Advertisement Offers
MyPayingCryptoAds offers advertising products such Banner Ads, Login Ads, Text Ads, Traffic exchange Ads , PPC Ads, PTC Ads and Adpacks. These products can be used to promote your business.
For every Adpack purchased you get 1000 credits to promote your business.

WeLikeFund PayPlan

WeLikeFund Revenue Sharing Payplan
Members should purchase Adpacks and surf 5 ads daily to be a part of the revenue sharing daily. Additionally you receive $0.005 per ad surfed.
Revenue is shared every hour with maximum of 2% daily cap on weekdays and 1.5% daily cap on weekends. All Adpacks will mature after reaching 120% – 200% of their value. The maturity percentage increases as you buy more adpacks and reach next level. Every member has to start from level 1 where adpacks mature at 120% and it goes all the way upto 200% at level 9.

WeLikeFund Repurchase Rule
There are 2 wallets inside WeLikeFund. Cash Balance and Repurchase Balance. 30% of your daily earnings will go to repurchase balance. This is done to keep the system going on and keep some revenue inside the system.

WeLikeFund Affiliate Program
WeLikeFund offers referral commissions of 12% but this is divided on 2 levels.
8% commissions from purchases of your direct [level1] referrals
4% commissions from purchases by your referral’s referral [level 2] referrals

WeLikeFund Career Program
WeLikeFund offers a innovative career program for members who help their team to build their adpacks. Career program begings if the total number of adpacks purchased by your team members are equal to or more than 250. It offers upto $800 in cashbalance plus $500 withdrawals on Sunday.
You can see the “team adpacks” statistics in your dashboard and motivate your team for the same.

WeLikeFund Loyalty Bonus
WeLikeFund gives incentive to its members in terms of loyalty bonus by encouraging them to use their daily earnings to purchase more adpacks.
If any member does this for 30 consecutive days without requesting a withdrawal then he is eligible for loyalty bonus.
Loyalty Bonus Formula = your active adpacks number / 4 in dollars.
For eg : If you have 1000 active adpacks and you did not request a withdrawal during the last 30 days, you get 1000/4 = $250 in your CASH BALANCE.

WeLikeFund Withdrawal & Sustainability Model
Minimum Withdrawal = $10 and Maximum Withdrawal limit = $300 a day. Member can withdraw 7 times a week.

5x Deposit Rule is place for sustainability. It means a member can withdraw only 5 times the amount used to purchase adpacks. You will be able to see the details in your dashboard. Once the limit has reached, member has to deposit more funds and buy more adpacks to increase their withdrawal limits.
For eg. If you buy 100 adpacks worth $1000, then system will allow you to withdraw $5000 which is quite decent returns.
Also it doesn’t have seperate wallets for different processors, only 2 wallets = cashbalance and repurchase balance. You can withdraw your cashbalance using the processor which you have used to deposit most of your funds.

Payment Processors Accepted = Bitcoins [Coinpayments], Perfect Money, Payeer, SolidTrustPay, AdvCash, Payza

Conclusion :
WeLikeFund has the advantage of being one of the first revshares to be launched in 2017. So it has gathered attention from people who are looking to add multiple passive sources in their portfolio. Admin comes from network marketing background and has past experiences in similar revenue sharing models. Although welikefund gives 200% value on level 9 , it would require considerable amount of time and funds to reach that level as one can climb levels progressively. It offers sustainability by having 30% repurchase rule , 50% of commissions going to repurchase balance and “5x deposit rule” . By offering Career plans and Loyalty bonuses, Welikefund gives substantial rewards to members to be a part of system for a prolonged duration


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