What is a Revshare? Scam or Legit?

Definition of Revshare
Revshare is short form for Revenue Sharing.
The word revenue sharing itself is self explanatory. It shares the revenue generated from the sales of the products among the share holders of the company.

Explanation of Revshare

Traditionally, Revshare is a traffic exchange site which offers advertising products called Advertising Packages or Adpacks along with other forms of advertisements like banner ads, paid-to-click PTC ads, Pay-per-click PPC ads, text ads, login ads, Traffic exchange credits . Owner shares the revenue generated by the sales of these ad products with the Paid members who qualify for the revenue share.

Moderernisation Of Revshares
Nowadays, revshares don’t just limit themselves to traffic exchange and advertisement products but they also create other businesses with the profits generated from revshare and share the revenue from external streams.
For eg. Theadsteam has created a shopping platform , www.theadsteam.shopping
A portion of the revenue generated from this will be shared with the qualified members

Qualifying Requirements for Revshare
Usually, one has to surf few ads which can range from 5 – 20 ads for upto 20 seconds daily depending upon the site requirements. It hardly takes few minutes a day to compplete the simple tasks.
Additionally , some revshare sites introduce membership criteria which helps in the maintenance of site and goes towards admin fees

How to earn from Revshares?
There are multiple ways to earn from revshares
1. Buy Adpacks and surf ads daily to qualify for the daily revenue sharing.
2. Refer your friends or others and make some percentage on their purchases. This can be done by a free member too. No purchasing required in most of the sites.
3. Click PTC ads . This can be done by a free member too. No purchasing required.

Risk involved with Revshares?
Any business offline or online has a risk disclaimer. There are lot of businesses made with intention to scam people. However these must not be confused the few good ones which can serve you as a decent source of passive residual income. Residual Income Guide focuses on bringing the best sites to you and save you the trouble of doing background checks on each and everything. However, do your own due dilligence too. Make sure you read all the terms and conditions before signing up anything.

Golden Rules
1. Only Invest what you can afford to loose.
2. Never put all your eggs in one basket. Make sure you diversify

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